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Retractable Awnings for River Side Living

Living along the Murray is great as we all know, but you can also get some harsh Summer weather. In order to get the most out of river side living, you need a reliable shade solution for your back patio area.

Cut to Retractable Awnings

A drop arm awning pulls out over windows or doors and can extend a full 90°. The fabric is kept tense so that it remains taut even if it has not been fully extended. Retractable Awnings in Sydney can be operated manually but most commonly they are motorized.

The drop arm awning moves in pivoted arcing motion, moving from fully upright when closed and pulled downwards over the window when extended. The arm keeps the awning extended no matter which length it is lowered, keeping the fabric stretched over the window. You see this type of awning used in many homes and buildings, but, what makes this option so special?

Drop Arm Awnings are Flexible

One of the best things about drop arm awnings is that they are very flexible window fixtures. In other words, they can be used effectively on a wide variety of different sizes and styles of windows. They can be used on the smallest of windows as well as windows up to 5M long or longer. Then there is a large range of different materials to choose from. You can use a mesh screen, PVC, acrylic or canvas awning. The material you choose will play a major role in the way the awning looks as well as the transparency or print it will feature.

Retractable Awnings are Easy to Use

They are also the easy-to-use option. If you want to use the manual option, you will find a convenient crank handle lowers the awning into position. But there are also motorized options that can be lowered and raised at the push of a button. Motorized options can even have sun and wind sensors that open and lower the awning in accordance to weather conditions. When the sun is out the awnings come down to provide shade. But if the wind picks up, the awning can be damaged. The awning will retract if threatened by strong winds.

Great for Ventilation

Drop arm awnings are a good way to provide you home with extra circulation both inside and around the home. This is because they allow for a large space in between the awning and the window and this allows for air to move freely. This will allow you to keep your home well ventilated and can lower your costs for cooling in the summer.

Improve Energy Efficiency

These awnings are an especially nice thing to have when the hot summer sun rolls around. They can improve the energy efficiency of your home by keeping the windows and glass surfaces sheltered from the sun’s radiation which can warm the indoors considerably. By shading these entry points the interior will be kept much cooler.

As a matter of fact, the heat will have nowhere to land and warm the home because the awning itself is so far away from the windows. In addition to keeping your energy expenses nice and low, the drop arm awning will preserve your curtains, carpets and soft furnishings.

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