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Activities and Events on the Murray

The Murray River is the longest river that you can navigate; it actually stretches from the mountains of the greats to the north eastern of Victoria and then it deeps in South Australia. It has streams that come from the mountains and stretch in the forest to form beautiful sand beaches on the lower side.

The Murray River is home to amazing wildlife, the forest supports up to 350 various types of birds as well as other species such as mammals, fish and reptiles. If you traverse from end to end you will be able to see all the amazing animals.

The river is full of activities that you can engage during your visit; you will see the Aboriginal tribe that has made the forest their home for many years. The Murray River is now the lifeblood to the tribe and has 3 yearly events along the Murray River.

It has become the centre for social activity in Australia; people come from east and west to have their sports activity and cultural events at the forest. This is because of the ambient and the cooling effect Murray River offers to people.

You will get to learn about the amazing stories about the river spirit that has been told over the years. The Murray River was used as a trading route by Australian explorers and it was known at that time as the best trading centre. You can learn more of the stories by visiting the place.

Activities to do

The Murray River offers fun activity for everyone, that you will wish you had more after visiting it. It is famous for its diverse experience in food, wine, houseboats, paddleboats, golfing, family fun and much more than you can imagine.

If you have young ones, the river has playground that caters for both ages. If you like canoeing then you can experience first peaceful gliding by the river with your family or friends. If you have children they can explore the river bank and have fun fishing.

The river plays host to various number of fish that you can see with your family. You will be able to see Murray cod, callop, catfish and red fin. If you take a short trip by the river, you will notice the amazing golfing section that you can kill time with your friends or loved ones.

It also has great and unique courses and clubs along the river banks. The culture and the diversity of Australia is well thread in Murray River, by paying the area a visit you will be able to learn about the culture that make up the country.

If you are looking for a romantic gate away then Murray offers exactly that; the Murray River is close to the city and it offers something different in terms of romance. There are also myriad of food flavors to enjoy by the river and many places that you can enjoy your wine as you relax. Murray River offers the best places and activities that you can visit.

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